We have a small fleet of heavy goods vehicles which run from Scotland to Benidorm with many pick up points along the way to collect your bikes and tools.

Transport your minibike safely

Gearbox bikes and Pitbikes can be transported un-boxed, however, it is best to make a box for your Minimoto,  to protect them from damage during transit. These should be preferably from a light wood to keep the weight down. Flight cases are ideal too.

The MAXIMUM size is 1080(L) x 360(W) x 800(H) with a maximum thickness 6mm. All your riding gear etc must be inside the box and not loose. ONLY your helmet and fuel can can be taken by us seperately
For Gearbox and Pitbikes, the maximum dimensions for your box or hold-all are 600(L) x 360(W) x 300(H). Additional boxes will incur a charge (TBC).

We have to be strict with these sizes to ensure everything can be transported safely. We also ask that people only take the minimum of spares in the box, (e.g. you wont need wet tyres!), and only small hand tools as there will be tools available to loan.

Transport costs are currently £130 Minimoto and £160 Gearbox bike. (theses prices may be subject to change).

The Circuit Transport Accomodation Car Hire
Karting Finestrat is a fantastic circuit, with fast sweeping corners, steep hills, a twisty infield and a long home straight...
Our HGV's run from UK and Ireland to Benidorm with several pickup points along the way to get your bikes to the circuit safely...
  The majority of our riders stay at the Hotel Gran Bali, a well rated hotel offering all inclusive options situated only 10 minutes from the circuit. 
Car hire can be relatively cheap and there's plenty of places to choose from including pick up from Alicante airport...